ShowMe Open - Stats - The Why
Stats - The Why

The GameKeeper™ platform is all about recording your shots while out enjoying your round. After years of research and product development (including our very own IOS App) we have perfected the GameKeeper™ device to make it the simplest, least-hassle way for golfers to record and analyse their shots.

Using the GameKeeper™ while enjoying your round of golf is simple and rewarding. Not only is the device a high-accuracy distance-measuring-device (DMD) comparable to laser sighting, but is also a compliant digital scorecard and stats engine.

For every round you play on the device we record and print (on your scorecard as above) these enhanced stats for the round:
  • Off the Tee
    • Driving Distance
    • Fairways Hit
    • Par or Better Hit Fairway
    • Par or Better Missed Fairway
  • Approach to the Green
    • Greens in Regulation
    • Greens hit from 50y to 100y
    • Greens hit from 100y to 150y
    • Greens hit from 150y 200y
  • Around the Green
    • Up & Down
    • Scrambling
    • Proximity to Hole from <30y
    • Greens hit from 150y 200y
  • Putting
    • Putts (Total)
    • Average length of first putt
    • Putt made distance
    • Putts per Hole in Regulation

And there's more… We record all your rounds for later analysis. In the background our analytics engine calculates more than 120 stats across six categories: Off the Tee, Approach to Green, Around the Green, Putting, Scoring and Custom Analytics.