ShowMe Open - Stats - The How
Stats - The How

The GameKeeper™ device is a little smaller than a smart-phone, but unlike a smartphone it is power-optimised for golf and uses the best in GPS device and antenna technology. It is lightweight and durable, and clips easily to your belt, bag or buggy.

Recording your shots is simple… When you walk to your ball on the tee, fairway or green you simply press the green button on the device. (If, sadly, you are somewhere you should not be on the course - such as in the rough - then press the Red button. This allows us to enhance our statistical feedback after your round.)

That's it - if all you want to do is record your shots you can stop there.

But the GameKeeper™ device does so much more.

Any time you push the Red or Green shot buttons, the device displays an image of the green, with highly accurate distances to the pin, front, middle and back.

The device is also a rules-compliant digital scorecard (no smartphone involved) and will print & email your card at the end of your round.