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The GameKeeper™

The GameKeeper™ platform is a cloud-based data engine which enables golfers to record and analyze over 120 individual shot statistics for all their rounds. Golfers can socialize their rounds and compete in challenges from friends and in Golf Metrics's own tournaments and challenges. The platform supports:
  • Individual golfer shot stats for all rounds played and comparative analysis
  • Social round sharing and challenges
  • Live leader-board and shot-by-shot broadcast for Golf Outings and Competitions
  • Professional coaching through continuous assessment of player performance (on the course, rather than simply on the practice areas)
  • Sponsorship opportunity for courses and brands
The GameKeeper™ platform is also a live broadcast engine which provides live course coverage including leader-boards, shot-by-shot tracking with course overlay, as well as live analysis and presentation of selected statistics from the course (such as longest drive or closest approach on a hole today).

The platform is also a valuable coaching tool for course professionals, and incorporates course management features such as pin-placement and pace-of-play analysis.

Golfers record their shots on a high-accuracy GPS device, the GameKeeper™, which also provides rangefinder and digital scorecard functions. The GameKeeper™ has been designed to minimize golfer distraction from the game and can simply be used in play as a rangefinder - we take care of the rest.

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